For years, I've repurposed old, metal lunchboxes. A Rambo lunchbox became a lunchbox dedicated to Great Women of Literature. Another honored Great Writers of the South. More recently, I've dedicated a lunchbox to The Donner Party. For a long time, though, I've had it in my head to create the ultimate Superhero Lunchbox...not a lunchbox featuring Batman or Wonder Woman, but a box honoring my real-life heroes.

I posed this challenge to a wide circle of friends: get your hands on a metal lunchbox, and put some thought into who or what your heroes are, and why. And then get to work making the Superhero Lunchbox of your dreams.

This online exhibit is the result of that challenge. I hope visitors to this site will find it fun and interesting, and maybe even inspiring. Lunchboxes are such useful things, and so many of us have fond memories of toting tuna sandwiches to school in our Partridge Family or Six Million Dollar Man lunchboxes. There seems to me to be no reason for us to outgrow this tradition of toting around our meals in metal boxes that say something about who we are, what we like, and what our values are. I know I've never outgrown it.

Start here, because it's what started it all for me, and work your way up. Enjoy. Leave some feedback. Make a lunchbox.

For a more detailed view, click on the individual images.

If you're moved to make a lunchbox of your own, and have it included in this exhibit, submissions are welcome. Get your hands on a metal lunchbox (no plastic, please) - you can buy a blank one from or repurpose an old one. Go to town. Choose your superhero, and and run with it. Photograph your finished lunchbox, write a few words about your subject, and send the photos and text to me at, with the words "Superhero Lunchbox" in the subject box.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Julia Ryder Perce

Heres my effin lunch box that i was too shy to show!! And certainly stymied by having to tell WHY helen fucking keller is my personal hero!!! Fuck!! Think about it, people!!

Editor's note: While Julia gave me permission to "edit, delete, or otherwise spindle anything" she'd written, I can't think of a single edit needed in the prose above.  Helen Keller WAS pretty awesome.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Herr Metzger, Matt Polchlopek

As a fan of horror and the macabre, I have many outlets with which to share my vision. Alas, art is not one of them.

I turned to the idea of making lunchboxes because of a friend who made a Donner Party Box (and she just so happens to run this page!) Before that, I didn’t really think about working with lunchboxes too much, however, the more I thought about it, the more I realized what a perfect canvas they can be.

Sure, everyone’s seen the Spiderman’s (Spidermen?) and the Very Brady Lunchbox, but how many lunchboxes do you see dedicated to the works of Alejandro Jodorowsky? Or decorated with the face of a serial killer/cult leader? There is a niche out there for collectors young and old alike, and I aim to fill it. 


Note: Matt is working on a number of lunchboxes, right now, and has other macabre creations for sale at his Etsy shop.